New things, and such!

These last couple of weeks we haven't had anything new or exciting in the means of our music, but alas you can't have it all, right?  We have been blessed to visit with family, though! On Easter, we headed down to the good'ol Rockford and had a little dinner and egg hunt with the Jones'. It was so good to see everyone! During one of our many conversations, my older sister Jaclyn told me that i should just look into a new job, post my application around. I kind of blew it off, because the journey to get to PIZZA HUT was tremendous! But Monday rolled around, and after thinking about the possibilities, I applied to The Gap, Old Navy, and The Buckle. The Buckle contacted me quick for an interview, and when all was said and done with that interview, no job. The day of the Buckle, Gap called me in for an interview! Low and behold, i passed and headed to interview number 2. That seemed to go well, i wasn't feeling to confident. But by the time i got home from the Mall, I recieved a call offering me the JOB! YAY, that means no more Pizza Hut after the 23!  It just goes to show that sisters have good advice!
Some other good news, Brandon called the IRS to see if our application for the 1st time home buyer credit (which we filed last August when we bought the house) had been reviewed. The Customer Service Representative told us that it had been reviewed and ACCEPTED! They said it should be here around the 27th! That would be way nice! But we are not holding our breaths on that one. The IRS CSR'S have kinda been shady this whole process..
Well thats all for this little while! Will post, indeed, if more excitement enters our lives!  

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