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I guess its time for an update. I skipped February all together but i dont feel to bad about it seeing how its a short month! :) Anyways, this past few weeks things have been coming together. I had a baby shower thrown by my husbands sisters and mother.  We got our tax return and bought some fun things. And we Pre-Registered at Mountain View Hospital.

So i guess i will start with the baby shower. It was very nice and i had a lot of fun! There was quite a few people there, and i was kinda surprised because i didnt feel like we invited to many! But it was good. I got a lot of little baby clothes for our little bundle of joy on the way, and we also got some nice things like a baby bouncer, and a shopping cart cover! I am truly blessed to be apart of the wonderful Hansen Family!  We started out the baby shower by having a lunch. It was very yummy! We had chicken salad sandwiches (which is one of my favorite things) and fruit and vegies and all sorts of goodness for your belly! Then we opened presents and played a few games. It was wonderful.

Also we got our tax return. With it we bought me a Nikon D3100 camera! I am in LOVE with it. We figured that i could get into photography if i had a better camera. Hopefully one day we can make more money than what we spent on it! Brandon got some music stuff which always makes him a happy boy!  Which makes me a happy camper as well!

This week i hit the big 35 weeks.. Last night i was having Braxton Hicks contractions like crazy and we were a little nervous because Mountain View Hospital wont admit you if you are less than 36 weeks. But alas the little one is still cooking like she should be. We took a tour of the hospital and it is very fancy! And i like that it wasn't very crowded with lots of people and stuff. I had a doctors apt. yesterday and he said that everything is looking as it should. I also had an apt with a nutritionalist and she said that i have gained to much weight for how far a long i am. BUT i didnt pay any attention because she probably weighed the same amount as me and i am 8 months pregnant.. :) im a little mean, but these are my thoughts. And this is my blog for the day/week/month.. you know whatever.

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