Time Keeps Running Away!

Holy Cowabunga! I have not posted in such a long time! But thats just how I am. So, what is new? Well... Paisley is almost 6 MONTHS old! How rude is that? She is super cute and growing so so much! She is learning like crazy and is trying to figure out the crawling thing.
Yesterday we kinda had a little bit of a scare. Paisley and I were playing and she was standing up while I was holding her hands when I heard this loud POP! She has popped plenty of times before but never like this and she has never screamed like that before. So I called the Dr. and they set an appointment up for later in the day. While we were at the Dr. he said that a tendon (or something) in her elbow was popped out of place. SO he popped it back into place. TWICE. She seemed to be doing better so we went home and I watched her very carefully. She was still favoring that arm pretty badly and if I made her move it she would scream, so I called the doc back (THREE times).. When they called back they told me that they wanted to get some x-rays of her arm just to make sure there wasn't any fractures. OH MAN! That poor baby girl has had more x-rays then an average adult (excluding dental x-rays that is!) (she had to get x-rays while in the NICU as well..).. The x-rays were pretty tough on her but she was brave. Mom, on the other hand, was a HUGE mess! Holding her arm in weird positions and making her scream and holding her down isn't my cup of tea. Anyways after that ORDEAL when we got home the Dr. called and told us everything looked normal and just to keep an eye on her. Today she has been doing much better!
Brandon is still waiting to start at the Sheet Metal Union. He took the test (and scored the highest) then went to the interview (and scored the highest) but there were some minorities so he is 5th in line.. WELL actually they put one on a job already so he is #4 now.. SO hopefully..
I am still working at the Gap. I like it. I have not been working very much but it always dies down in September and October. But when November comes they get more hours and start working me more. I also joined a choir. I had to audition and everything.. But HEY i got in. We are the Choralaires! Its really fun. We sing Christmas music! We will do a BIG performance in December on the 5th! So get pumped people!
Paisley also got a new cousin this last week. His name is Porter. We haven't met him yet but we are looking forward to! Paisley is also supposed to get another cousin soon. His name is Miles. But he hasn't come yet and we are getting antsy in anticipation. We probably are not as antsy as my brother Jacob or SIL Tricia.
Well, I think that may be all folks.. I will as some pictures of Paisley.. NOW!

She is so freaking CUTE!

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