Almost 1.

Yes its true. I almost have a 1 year old. I cannot believe it. Seems like yesterday when we went to the hospital before the sun was up to be induced. This past year has been the best of my life. We have experienced a LOT of firsts. This blog is dedicated to Paisley's Firsts!

First Time Being Born
First Time Sleeping in The NICU
First Time Not Sleeping in the NICU
First Time Going on a Car Ride
First Time Being Home
First time being home after a long day out
First Time Going To Church
First Bath
First Time Cuddling in a Towel.
First Time Having a Party Just For Her
First Time Wearing Her Swimming Suit To Go On The Boat
First Time Camping
First Time Laughing Out Loud
First Time Striking a Pose
First Time At Bear Lake
First Best Friend, Zeb
First Snow!
First Food (Carrots)
First Ponytail
First Best Human Friend.
First Halloween Candy
First Halloween Costume

First So Fun Box!
First Time Pulling up to a Stand
First Time Crawling *Nakey*
First Time on a Rider
First Time Playing a Drum
First Christmas
First Time Playing Guitar with Daddy
First Time Pulling Everything Out!
First Time Unscrewing a Lid
First Time Losing A Friend
First Time Climbing in the Cupboards
First 3 Teeth (She wouldnt let me just get the first 2 when they came in)
First Time Finding Mommas Chocolate Stash..

As you can see we have accomplished quite a lot. Looking forward to the rest of our FIRSTS!

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