For those of you who don't know...  We recently followed our hearts, not exactly our minds or germ freakeshness, and GOT A PUPPY. This puppy is a Pit Bull SLASH Lab named Zeb. His previous owners named his Buster, but he doesn't respond to it, and because Buster is so ORDINARY and BLA we decided to change his name to a TUBULAR one..  He is an extremely HYPERACTIVE little pup. He also is afraid of EVERYTHING.  He hates running water, skateboards, other dogs, but even though he is a yellow bellied dog he is very protective of us! He is very very territorial. He has only had a couple of accidents on the first night, because he was nervous in this new and completely different environment than his previous. Just two days later he has his potty spots and knows how to get our attention to take him off.  He just whines and runs to his leash. He is a VERY smart dog, and takes direction very well. He doesn't get on the furniture or chew anything but his toys and his tail.
He loves his Brandon and Brandon loves him. We are still trying to decide if we should keep him for good,  we thought we would just try it out, and see how it goes for a little while. If it becomes to much of a problem we might have to take him to the Human Society or try to give him away to some one. (The Thought of that breaks my heart! But you gotta do what you gotta do..)
So here is a picture of this little Zeb.

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