Well, well, well..

Hello everyone.. I am writing this blog but i dont have anything new, really, to say. So stay with me here!
Well as most of you know, Brandon and I are pregnant! I will be 14 weeks on Tuesday, so thats pretty exciting. We had a doctors apt. Friday, and everything looked well.. When they were finding the heart, with the little device they use, the little baby kept moving! They would find it and then the little plum would run away! So they were chasing it all around! It was quite funny. They said that we have an active one. I wouldn't doubt that for a second. I mean have you met ANY of my nieces or nephews on either side? All way active.. We are not really guessing the sex, we will be happy for either one! The only thing we are hoping for is a healthy baby!
Brandon is still looking for a new job, and trying to get in with his brothers at the Steel Workers Union. They pay a ton more, and have better hours. Which would be nice! I am still working at the Gap. The last two weeks i have been working about 3 days a week, but now they are short on hours so they are cutting everyones hours, so this next week i work.... Um... Saturday! haha.. Kinda humorous...
We are looking for a new home for our little puppy Zeb. Although we love him, i just dont know how i feel about having a puppy and a baby.. So Zeb is getting the boot (if we can find a place who would love him).

Thats about all for now.. Conference is wonderful! and the next session starts in 9 minutes! So gotta be jetting!

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