Throwing in the towel.

Well, i am giving in.. Throwing in the towel.. It is time to write a blog.  I have been having a hard time, because i just think it our everyday life-
Anyways, a lot of things have been happening. So let me tell you what we have been up to!
Well, July was kinda a rough month for us. In November or October last year, Brandon got a speeding ticket and this July it got put on our insurance making it JUMP quite a bit. And a lot of little things just kept adding up. Its funny how you are fine one month and then not so good the next.
August brought lots of Joy. Well, is still bringing joy to our lives. On the 1st we celebrated our ONE YEAR anniversay!! Isn't that lovely? I think so.. To make it sweeter, on the 7th of August we were sealed in the Idaho Falls Temple. Now if that isn't a cause to celebrate i am not sure what is! We had a lovely cerimony and a lovely luncheon. It was a wonderful day! And ever since i can not feel anything but happiness.
Just out of the Temple!
The Second weekend of August every year there is a BIG family reunion. It is my Grandma Jones' side of the family the Gines. There are always so many people that are there it is hard for me to tell who is related and who is not! Oh well! Anyways, we went down on thursday and met my parents, Amy, Jaclyn and the little girls. It was pretty cold on thursday so when Friday came along and it was warm, we relished in it! So much so that i got sunburnt pretty bad! Friday night Brandon and Zeb drove home because Brandon had to work in the very early am on Saturday. I came home on Sunday with the rest of our family. We were pretty sad that Jake, Tricia, and Clark could not come, but we were thinking of them the entire time!
Well, i think this might be the end of this blog! Hope you enjoy it! P.S. I have more pictures on my Facebook, i just hate the up-loader on here..
Faith floating and making faces.. In Bear Lake!
Brandon pulling Faith in Bear Lake!
Jaclyn, Ava, Amy, and Shayla through some weeds.. at bear lake
Ava Lee at Bear Lake.. 
Amy, Dallin, and Shayla building "poop" art.. or sand at Bear Lake

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