Wedding Pics

So. We got married August 1, 2009 and these 6 weeks have been the best of my life. Unfortunately we hired a really really REALLY unprofessional photographer. Before hand, she seemed really promising and professional. She did my sister-in-law and brothers pictures and the were great... who would know that we would get the bum end of the deal. She told me she would be at the wedding at 4:00 p.m. come to not show up until 4:32 p.m. She got there and claimed that she got lost, she was on the east side of the river when i told her step by step directions how to get there. I even specified on the WEST side of the river.. Anyways she took our pictures and left at a little early, when she should have stayed a little late, seeing how she was late to get there. So right off the bat i wasn't to pleased. She told me that they will be to us in two weeks. At 4 weeks gone by and not a print, and her being totally paid, i was furious. i emailed and called, but apparently she didn't check her email, and she changed her phone number. At 5 weeks i found her blog, and she had moved to Canada! trying to sell her house here in Idaho, so we did some research found her number and sent a couple more emails. Finally 5 weeks after we got married, 3 weeks past the due date, she emails us back, explaining that she has had them ready, just hasn't sent them off. Crummy excuse if i ever heard one.. Anyways she said she would rush delivery them, on monday (labor day for America) but rush delivery should (if she were smart) get here by wednesday.. Wednesday came, no pics. So we are crossing our fingers and if we don't get them by the end of this week, we might have to make an impromptu trip to Canada.. Keep your fingers crossed!

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