Shopping, Swimming, and MONEY

The thing we have been waiting for since last July finally came. The IRS decided that we were not lying and got OUR MONEY from our first time home buyers thing! Plus a little pillow of interest on that nice little check they sent. So we paid our car off and other debts we owed. We now are driving two cars that are completely ours! WOOHOOO!!!  
With that little pillow we decided to have a little bit of fun! So we took a day trip and went up to Green Canyon Hot Pools and had a little swim. It was really nice and warm! 
Brandon thought it would be a nice little treat to spend a little bit of the pillow on ourselves as well. So we decided that we each get $100 to do what we want! Brandon spent his as soon as he could on Microphones  , a lot of microphones. 3 regular ones and one really fancy fancy one. He would really like to have a home studio one day, and this is just one of the steps. The other thing that he bought from a garage sale, the other day, was this thing called a "Fire Wire"..  Apparently the model he got runs for around 800 Dollars and he only got it for $44.. It seems like its a great deal! 
Anyways, what i did with my 100 dollars might not surprise you! I spent 50 dollars on Clothes.. and i got some great deals! The discount i get at Old Navy, Gap, and Banana Republic is pretty nifty! I got 25% off of my purchase at Old Navy and i got some really cute things!  After a long debate at what i wanted for the other 50 dollars, I decided to buy a SEWING MACHINE!!! I thought that i would like to sew things! I have made things before, but i thought it would be nice to make things and be crafty! As my sister-in-law Tricia says, to become a Fancy Lady.. That would be nice, because i still feel like i am 12 in some ways! 
In other news.. We have been in the market for a KEYTAR. They are really hard to find! But we bid on a few and we WON!! 
So this week in the mail,  we will be receiving One really really nice Microphone. One Sewing Machine, and One KEYTAR! 
This week we also practiced with a real life  Drummer.. Our next show is going to be insane! A drummer and a keytar! Its going to be so good!

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Rachel Earl said...

What a great day Em! I am happy that you are so happy! I love ya!

Tricia Jones said...

Yeah! I am excited for you guys to get your tax credit. Sorry that you had so much trouble getting the IRS to cooperate....this interest is nice though. I am glad that you spent some money on yourselves, sometimes you just need to. I am excited to see what a fancy lady you become.

Tricia said...

I just added a link on our blog, not that anyone reads it, but maybe it will help.

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