One day, Brandon and I ventured to the Idaho Falls Public Library. While he was searching for books on how to master music, I was looking for murder mysteries! So we got home and he was reading his intellectual findings and i had an epiphany! You can learn things in the library! So on our next visit i checked out books regarding the art of photography. I learned that i know most of this stuff from all of the art classes i take and such, but i learned a lot of cool things! So here are some of the pictures i took from that venture. I cant wait to take more! 

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Shanae said...

Wow! Those are pretty good! Nice job!

Rachel Earl said...

Emily these are beautiful! Are you thinking of going into photography? I found your blog on facebook, and I think you and Shanae need to send me your emails so i can invite you to my blog! We can be blog Friends! lol

Shauntelle said...

That's so great that you're taking up photography! They look great!

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