Unexpected Surprises!

This week seems to be full of surprises! Last saturday it was my dear ol' dad's 50th birthday! So naturally we throw him an "Over the Hill" SURPRISE birthday party! It was a good party. I made my dad a card and every time i look at it i cry.. YIKES. It was so cute at the party, my nephew Dallin sat down by my Shanae, and told me to sit next to him. So i did, because i love him and Shanae, and Tricia and Clark sat next to us. Dallin had a sesame seed on his nose and Clark was just giggling at him, then Dallin became a little more goofy and Clark LOST IT. Food flying out of that one year olds mouth, and Clark kept trying to regain his composure. Oh it was such a lovely party.  Anyways that was surprise #1.
Another surprise was that this entire week I have been hurting myself. Not intentionally but i did manage to smack my leg on a desk we bought and built and put bruises all over my leg, and I punched the wall on our way running down the outside stairs, causing my hand to be all torn up and bruised. I also cut my finger with a child safety lock that is on one of our cabinets. I am endlessly burning myself lately as well, at work, at home.. Just don't invite me over, you may have to take me to the hospital.
Surprise THREE is that our show set up for the 20th of march for "Until Dawn" fell through. Then we tried to set up another show at Dancing Dogs for that date and the D.D.'s lady told us we couldn't play that weekend because they were having a Guitar Hero competition (which would be to bad for the Dawn part of Until Dawn, because if you know me at all you know that i tear it up on that game).
When Brandon was getting ready for work, his telephone rings and its DANCING DOGS asking if we could play on the 20th. Hahaha. Sucka's. They didn't know that we had already been told no. But Brandon agreed and we are now playing at Dancing Dogs on the 20th of March... and the best part? IS THAT ITS  A FREE Show! So if you are in the Idaho Falls area around 6-ish on Saturday the 20th, come to our show.. It will be NICE!
#4 of surprises. Ever saturday i have to work 12-8 at pizza hut. I don't mind it but i absolutely don't like it either. Anyways Friday night rolls around and my boss asks me if i can come in at 11. I said yes, because what's one more hour, right? Saturday comes, i get to work at 10:55 and SURPRISE, "You came in early? Tish didn't call you? You didn't have to come in!" Nope, no call, so i worked a 9 hour shift. YAY for money anyways.
So today being all tired and stuff from work, I call Brandon after work (tis routine) and he tells me he has a surprise on Monday at 11:30 a.m. I am excited! I don't know what it is! Yay for surprises!
Anyways.. thats a lot of surprises to take in.. i will let you digest.

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