Dancing and Singing..

This week has just begun, but I figure that I need to inform you readers (if you are reading) how our concert went and the journey's that followed!
On the 20 of March, we played a show at a little coffee shop called Dancing Doggs. It was open mic night so it wasn't anything formal, but boy was there a turn out! We had so much support from those that love us and who could come! When we first started setting up for our show, we walked in and there was this gentleman sitting on the couch. He asked us if we were "Until Dawn", Brandon said yes and I turned around to see what was going on. Marv from Sunny 94.3 was sitting on this couch and all of the sudden shaking my hand and telling me what a great voice I have.  I was a little taken back! Then he continued to tell us this "In 33 years of working in radio, I have never put a local band on air. But when I heard your music I was blown away, and it is now in regular circulation!' or something of that sort. He also said that "if you keep doing what you are doing you will go far!" That seems like such a wonderful compliment! I couldn't believe it! It seems like all of those years dancing and singing to the top of my lungs, might actually be paying off!
Our set had a couple of technical difficulties, but it was so much fun! We had family there, and most of our best friends, and a lot of people we never met! It was fun to sing and have the audience clap and even SING along! If only for that moment, everything was perfect! I had the love off my life standing right there with me, and a lot of the people I love the most, watching and supporting us!
After our set, 2/3's of the crowed got up and left. My dad came up to me, hugged me and told me i really know how to clear a room, just stop entertaining them.  We took down half of our equipment and asked the Dancing Doggs Ladies if it was alright to leave the rest and come pick it up before the end of the night. They said fine, and we went and had dinner at Chuck-a-Rama with my family.
After dinner we went and took down the rest of the equipment and found that we had a Mic case/bag missing. Oh well, not a big deal, but kind of a bummer! We then headed to our home where we met Jaclyn, Ethan and their 3 beautiful girls. They brought us a pack-n-play which was so kind and thoughtful of them, because one day, sometime we probably will have a baby!
Anyways that was our wonderful Saturday! Now we are onto our new week and its going to be a good one, because we have already heard ourselves on the radio! YAY!  Anyways, thats enough excitement for now!

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Shauntelle said...

I'm so happy for you! Sounds like you had a great show. I'd love to hear you sometime! Oh, and congrats on being on the radio! SO awesome!

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