Music Mania

This week has been WONDERFUL!  I didn't think this week would be such a monumental week!  

After the surprise of Alice in Wonderland, we recieved an email to our Myspace music page, from this kid telling us that Sunny 94.3 wanted to play our music! He told us that we needed to call or email these two guys for more information. So we got up the nerves and called this guy named Doug. Doug told us to bring  a c.d. to the station. So we jumped into our clothes and ran over the the radio station. He took our music, complimented us, and told us that he would put it into circulation and he would email us with the times it would be playing.. AHHHAHAHAH!! That was pretty cool. So we turned our radio's to 94.3. After waiting and listening to the radio for a couple of hours we decided to get some lunch and head to the library. While in the library, Brandon receives a phone call, but misses it because it is against the rules to talk on the phone! So we ran out of there faster then fast animals. Brandon calls the radio station back and they said that they will be playing it at 3:37 p.m.! We told everyone in the eastern Idaho area that we could in time, and then we heard it! Cityscape Skyline was playing on the radio! I felt like my heart was jumping out of my throat! It was a total "That Thing You Do" moment!  After our hearts settled, and we calmed down, we ran and did some other things, while out my dear Brianne Hillman texts me and tells me that she has heard it again! So awesome. So we decided to release our EP two hours early! And Saturday the 20, we are playing a show! Thus this is the week of Music. Tune your radios to 94.3 and you might hear us!

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Krystal Ann said...

That is so cool! I am so happy for you :) keep up the good work!

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