Well, its November! So time for my monthly update.
On the 16th we had our Complete OB Ultra Sound and we learned that we are having a baby girl!!! How exciting!! They said that everything looks perfect! They also said that the weight of the baby at 20 weeks should be between 9 ounces and 12 ounces. Our little one weighs in at 11 ounces!!! She is already chubby for her age:) but what is better than a chubby baby, i ask you! Looks like she is going to be a Hansen baby with her chubby cheeks and her thunder thighs!  Brandon almost had me convinced that she was a boy, so when we found out she was a girl- the world stood still! We couldn't be happier, and I think it pleased my sister Jaclyn, and sister Tricia!

Look at her little Chubby Cheeks..

Just playing with her arms!!

This is her little Foot.. How cute! You can see all the toes!
She is waving her arms! Amy thinks she looks like an Alien- 
 I just love those chubby Cheeks! 
I keep bugging Brandon and asking him what she would look like! Like will she have black hair when she is born, or blonde? Things like that! So i thought i would post some Pictures of Brandon and I when we were little! The next four pictures are of us.

Brandon Todd Hansen
 Emily Dawn Jones

They are the closest age pictures i have of us when we were wee little ones.. So you can see that either way the baby will turn out stinking adorable.. If i do say myself!!! Cant go wrong with these genes! 
Well thats all for today! Maybe I will blog again for Thanksgiving or something... 

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Adventures of Kade & Stephanie said...

Your pictures are so amazing! Most of my little guys didn't even look like a baby! She will be so adorable! You are right you can't go wrong with those genes. She will be especially pretty if she looks like you :D Good luck, it seems to take forever!

Tricia said...

She's bound to be cute, and nice and chubby. We're so excited to meet her, but keep her cooking until April.

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