TIme Flies!!!

I cannot believe that it is already January! December flew by so quickly, i feel like my head is just catching up!
This December we house sat my in-laws house, and watched my brother in laws kids for about 10 days. We only watched the girls before school and a couple of hours after school, but not on fridays. I spent a lot of time by myself in Firth, and i kind of grew a fondness for that little quiet town, but don't tell my husband that! Haha His parents went to Hawaii and then on a Hawaiian Cruise, so while they were out gallivanting in perfect weather, we were sitting in their nice house, using their electricity and eating all their food. Not a bad deal if i say so myself! When they arrived home, we made the trip back to Idaho Falls, dog in tow, to our freezing condo. We had turned the heat off so we wouldn't have such a huge electric bill.. (not like last month!)
Anyways, then Christmas came around! It is always so wonderful to spend the holidays with family. Christmas Eve, Brandon had to work, so i headed on down to the little land of Rockford to enjoy the tradition of Christmas Eve Fondue! Could possibly be one of the best meals on the planet! I had never fully been a cheese fondue girl, but this year there was nothing better! And i have not even mentioned the Chocolate Fondue! But what more can you say on the matter? On thanksgiving we had dinner with Brandon's family! It was so good to have everyone there and to enjoy the company of my new family! So when Christmas came to town, we ate Christmas Dinner with my family. It  was so fun! I love my family...  It was nice to have everyone there (well, we were missing just a few, Gibson, Ashlyn and Olivia.. But we knew they were having fun elsewhere)! Our family has grown to big, so now we have dinner in the basement around the nicely decorated ping-pong table, and we still have to pile every one around! We definitely are blessed to have such wonderful a family! On both sides! Can you say LUCKY!
Then here comes the new year! Oh my lanta! Brandon had to work new years eve, so when he got home at 11:35 we ran to Common Cents and grabbed celebratory slushies and sodas.. (slushy for me and soda for him).. we barely made it home for the clock to change to 12:00 when i grabbed his face and laid one on him. That was how we celebrated new years.
I am not big on resolutions, because i feel like they are useless. I NEVER make mine, and i feel like a failure! But this year i have decided something new! I was sitting in sunday school yesterday, and i decided that i would work/study/practice charity this year. One semester in college, we had to choose one principle and study it all semester. I chose Charity. That semester was probably the best/funnest one!
So i thought, thats what i should do for my resolution. Try to have the pure love of Christ. Try to help those around me, and not think ill of others. Its going to be a challange, but I CAN DO IT!! I am really excited!
Also, i just wanted to say, that this year i am turning 22 and becoming a mom. I am not sure if my year could look any brighter!

Anyways this blog is kinda boring, because i have been lacking motivation in the picture taking department.. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season!

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Ashley said...

I like your Charity goal you have for this year. I should try something like that :)

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