One month old!!! And an update!

   I cannot believe that my baby girl is one month old today! It feels like just yesterday we decided to start trying to have a baby! I cant believe how wonderfully perfect she is! Her little personality is already so strong its funny. She will fight going to sleep SO HARD, but once she falls asleep she can sleep through anything! She is really content most of the time. She only cries when she is hungry or over full.  If she is starving and tired she wont eat because she doesn't want to fall asleep. When she is doing this she holds her mouth shut so tight and arches her back and whimpers because you are trying to feed her, thus making her go to sleep! She is so wonderful and I am terribly blessed.

  We have been pretty busy this past weekend. Brandon's Grandma, Margaret Hansen, passed away on the 1st of this month. So on friday we went down to Shelly to the viewing. She was almost 96 years old and just so frail. Her husband, Brandon's Grandpa, Roy Hansen passed away almost 2 years ago and she has just been so confused on why he went and she hasn't. So at the viewing it had more of an underlying factor of happiness. A little bit of sadness, but mostly happiness. Everyone there was just happy that she is with her loved ones and not in pain anymore. Saturday was the funeral. John asked Jaak (my brother-in-law) and I to sing at the funeral. So we headed down to Firth early saturday morning so Jaak and I could practice. We sang "How Great Thou Art", and I think that we did an alright job. It really was an honor to be asked to sing at such a wonderful ladies services. After the funeral we went over to my In-laws house and hung out for a little while. Then we headed down to my parents. My brother Jake, Tricia and Clark were there as well. It was good to visit and chat with them! On our way home we picked up the Zeb monster and brought him home, to test how well he will act around Paisley. So far he was been wonderful! He seems like a completely new dog. One that behaves and is not so hyper all the time!                       This sunday, as you all know, was Mothers Day. My first Mothers Day! I have a extraordinary husband who spoils me! When we got home late on saturday night, Brandon ran to Country Corner to use the Dog Wash and wash the dog. When Brandon and Zeb got home, Brandon surprised me with my mothers day gift! It was a BEAUTIFUL boeque of flowers and a movie that i have been wanting for quite a while! "Scott Pilgrim VS The World". I love it! I am not kidding, I don't think you could have a better husband then mine.  On Mothers day, we went to my friend Kylee's ward because she was blessing her daughter, who is 2 weeks older than Paisley, McKynlee. It was such a neat thing to see! Anyways when we got home, Brandon made yummy yummy Breakfast Burritos. That night we watched my Mothers Day movie and ate Tillimook ice cream (p.s. we love TILLIMOOK Oregon). Paisley gave me a wonderful gift as well! That night she went to bed and Midnight and slept all the way until 7:30!! Thats almost a full 8 hours! Oh my goodness it was wonderful to get a full nights rest!

Zeb wanted a picture too!   Everytime i get out my camera i have to take pictures of this little girl!


I told you I have it good!! Thats all for today! and maybe MAY!

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Ashley said...

Paisley is so cute! I loved looking at all of her pictures. Glad you had a wonderful first Mother's Day!

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