Another one of those adventures..

Hello! This last week has been another adventurous one! We start our week out with a little day called Sunday. Sunday was my last week to prepare for our Ward Choir Performance in Sacrament Meeting. It was also fast Sunday and we usually don't have practice so it was a little hard to get everyone there.. I also started to feel really sick! Then Monday was a pretty lazy day except i had to work. At work they had me put up the window vinyl all by myself.. But it was a weird length and it did take me a while.. (With feeling even more sick it took longer then a while.) I got home from work and I decided it was probably time to go to the doctor because i felt 100% horrible.. So we get to the RediCare and wait wait wait.. then get called back to the room and wait wait wait. Then finally when they got to me they told me that the tubes that connect my ears, nose and throat were swollen and had liquid in them.. So they gave me some meds! (YAY) Anyways then came Tuesday. Tuesday we had Paisley's 6 month wellness check up. The nurses say that she should be the gerber baby and i agree because then i wouldnt have to work! haha.. Anyways she weighs 16 lbs and 3 oz in the 55 Percentile for weight. She is in the 25 percentile for hight and 85 percentile for head. So that was neat. Then they asked me if i wanted to include the Flu Shot in with her shots, they also said that it "usually makes no difference" then what she usually reacts to the shots. So i said why the heck not! haha.. That was at 2:00 pm. She did really well the rest of the day, no high fevers just kinda sleepy. BUT THEN at 1:25 am she wakes up just screaming! I took her temperature from her arm pit and it said 104.5 (or something like that) and she wouldnt take any medicine.. Then she started to puke. It was really bad and would not let up. So we call RediCare(our second home) and they say we should take her to the Emergency Room at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center. We get there and they take her temperature again and it is up to 105. So they put us in the room and try to give her medicine. She would not take it oral so they gave it to her another way. They were worried that she had an UTI so they made her get a catheter. My poor baby girl. Anyways they just said it was a reaction to the flu shot. So we got to go home.. Haha at 5:00 in the morning.. The next day we stayed on top of the fever, and on Thursday she was just fine! haha what a week. well i was goig to post some pictures but they loader thing is not working.. so oh well! Have a good one!

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Cassie said...

Oh no! Poor Paisley ... and she is beautiful --definately Gerber baby material. :)

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