What the WHAT?

I am a horrible blogger. Whats up with that? Whats up with that? Anywho. I feel it is time to do some blogging. Where to begin... I KNOW! I have a 7 month old. Her name is Paisley. She gets into everything. When she was 4 months old she figured out how to roll in all different directions to get into whatever she wanted. Now that she has figured out G.I. Joeing, she is really trouble. She gets into absolutely everything. I have to block of my bathrooms with chairs so she cant get into them.. haha its so funny! She also goes from laying to sitting all by herself. I am one proud mamma! Not only do i have the cutest daughter in the ENTIRE world, she is freaking smart as well!

Yesterday i woke up to a surprise at my door. Someone had left a package late last night at our house. The address was as follows : Emily Hanson (NOTE SPELLING) 1463 Vega Cir. #2 Idaho Falls Idaho 83201. Bahaha not only was my name spelled wrong, my address was COMPLETELY wrong! haha but i opened it anyways. To my surprise it was NOT ANTHRAX but a lot of adorable clothing for Paisley when she grows a little bit. (Seeing how they are 12 month clothing and she, being 7 months, can still fit into her 3 month clothes.) I still do not know who was so sweet in leaving me this package but to them i give my thanks!

So I have bought some of Paisley's christmas. I have never been more excited for that morning. I am not getting my hopes up for the toys, because i know she will have more fun with the boxes and paper. But i am still really excited! I am in the process of making a tree skirt. I am crotcheing it, so hopefully i can get it done by the time i set up my christmas tree.

Anyways here are some pictures of my baby girl! LOVE HER!

Paisley and her Best Friend McKynlee at halloween! Paisley the Princess and McKynlee the butterfly
Her first sucker. She didnt like it.
Giraffe Princess!
Straight out of the Bath! LOVE IT!

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