Alice in Wonderland

My surprise this Wonderful Monday was that my husband took me to Alice in Wonderland! It was such a lovely surprise that i already new he was doing, but its the thought that counts! We watched it in 3D, and let me tell you, I kinda feel that all movies that have epic battle scenes and such should, indeed, be in 3D! I have heard people who hate the movie, and people who love it. I fall closer to LOVING it.. Such a wonderful surprise that my husband planed! Oh how i love him. Today, also, we got a call from a record label. Thats the second one who has called. Kinda crazy:) Life is good today. Like Jimmy Buffet say's "Come Monday it will be alright.." its something that i got from my dad but i kinda really am in love with Jimmy Buffet..

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Rachel Earl said...

Emily that is so exciting!!!!!!!!!

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